Multi Zone Music System is very popular in Modern House, It is very flexible to play music in one or couple rooms.
Savant Pro App is the best interface for customer to control, can easy made scene, like Party mode.

4 Zone Music System :
Artison Speaker

4 Zone Music System Plan Face the market who Love Enjoy Music everywhere of sweet House, but don't need spent huge money on it.

Savant PAVSIPA50SM Music System suport 4
Zone amplifier Stereo output and 4 audio input
, it is easy to play different music in different zone .

5.1 Chanel Game Room:

8 Port Network Switch

Sony 100 inch TV

5.1 Surround Speakers

Xbox One

Savant Host Suport all Sonos Devices

If you currently use Sonos music system, but you want to add smart lighting control, smart thermostat ,TV 4K Video, Security System(Intercom, Survillance system, Alarm System), Now it is possible with Savant Host.
Savant Host can perfect compatible with Sonos Device and give customers a good control Experience.

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